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HomeStar Insurance Services Blog: life insurance

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A life insurance policy is a valuable gift you provide to your family. It allows you to leave a lasting benefit to your heirs after you've passed away and with the death benefit proceeds your family can pay off debt, attend college, realize retirement savings goals and replace your income, allowing them to maintain the same lifestyle they enjoyed while you were alive. READ MORE >>

Many individuals mainly think of life insurance as protection for families with children. However, once children grow up and leave home, “empty nesters” should consider the remaining perks of securing a policy. There are quite a few reasons why maintaining life insurance is beneficial well into middle and old age. READ MORE >>

When someone has dependents to protect after death, he or she usually needs Kankakee life insurance. While some people do have enough savings to see their dependents through, the vast majority will need some type of coverage. Figuring out whether or not to obtain insurance isn't the hard part. READ MORE >>

Life insurance makes life much easier for your loved ones, once they don’t have you anymore to depend on. However, if you don’t design your policy properly you could end up making it harder on your would-be beneficiaries. READ MORE >>

Gender is usually a factor when it comes to pricing insurance, but it doesn’t matter in regards to issuing a policy. But there’s still the question of why women have the tendency to be less insured than men in a variety of insurance types. It isn’t hard to remedy this. READ MORE >>

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