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HomeStar Insurance Services Blog: home insurance

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Whether water has damaged a small area of your home or flooded it completely, the key to repair is immediate action. The longer that water has a chance to soak through porous materials, the greater the chance of mold and mildew developing, which can lead to serious health hazards. READ MORE >>

Individuals use their homes to surround themselves with the things they love. These things can range from simple possessions to family members, but the common denominator is that our home holds these treasures. READ MORE >>

Sometimes a house is more than a home. Sometimes it is part of a town's heritage. Historical homes are points of pride to both the owner and the community. As such, insuring historical properties presents several challenges. The Insurance Journal estimates that most landmark historic homes are under-insured because the appraiser lacked the needed knowledge and experience. READ MORE >>

When creating Kankakee home insurance policies, underwriters generally try to meet the needs of the broadest market possible. Thus, the basic home insurance policy is a boilerplate whereby more specific parts can be added as required. For example, most people do not conduct business from home and that would have to be added if required. READ MORE >>

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